He said. She said. Media said. You said

Electioπs 16 app presents tweets from @realDonaldTrump and @HillaryClinton as an instant messaging conversation.

Twitter is being used as a platform for an ongoing back n forth between the candidates and it will only intensify as elections get near. However, there is no good way to compare or view side-by-side what each is saying without visiting each candidates twitter feed. This app does that for you. 

In addition to the two candidates, the app also shows -

 A feed from curated list of media handles that are talking about US Elections and Politics.  

A search feed of people talking about elections

Retirement Announcement:

Now that Elections are over, we will be retiring this app on Nov 30. Thank you for being with us. We have published the entire Sentiment Trend Chart since we started measure it.

See Chart...

“Filter out the noise so you can watch them attach each other” - Fortune

“The best way to watch Trump and Clinton whine and fight on Twitter” - BGR

A User Says -

“..This tool was much more accurate than traditional polling...”